Historic Daegu

12 Nov

There are some great places to visit outside of Daegu, but for those looking for a shorter trek, the city itself has a lot of historic and scenic places.  Just west of downtown is one such place.

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Keisung High School, founded in 1906, is a great place to start.  It’s one of Daegu’s oldest high schools, and it looks like a castle.  To get there, head to Seomun Market, but look left just before the main entrance of the market.  Through the trees, you’ll see 50 steps leading up to Keisung’s main building.  At the top of the stairs and to the left you can see one of Daegu-Gyungbuk’s first two-story buildings.  It’s now the teachers’ office of Keisung Middle School.  Facing the main building, the high school is to the right.  You’ll find students there nearly every day of the week, so shhhhh!  They’re studying.  A lot.

After that, head east across the main road, towards Dong San Hospital and downtown.  Follow the black arrows on the map below to check out the March 1 Independence Movement Road (3.1 운동길/Samilundong Road).  In 1919, students from several of Daegu’s high schools used this road to secretly gather for an independence rally.  Along the way you can find other historical sites, including Daegu First Presbyterian Church and several of Daegu’s original Christian missionaries’ homes.  From the top of the hill there are some great views of the city.  Continue down the hill, cross the street, past the Catholic Church, and end up in Daegu’s famous Medicinal Market.

Go here for more information on some of Daegu’s churches.


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